Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fish in Bowl

Dear Humans

This is me

P.S Don’t flush me down the toilet when you read this.

I would like to have a friend to play with in my bowl. Can you please get me a bigger tank and some toys to play with. I would like to be noticed more often and not be given the look. Can I please get feed more often than once a day cause I am starving. Can you please buy me better food because it is really disgusting eating the food I have now. I would like to have 2 girls and one more boy please because it gets really boring and lonely around here. Don’t make me the staff that you give me because I want it from the shop please.
If you did all of these tick there.
If you did some of these tick here.
If you did none of these tick here.
P.S Please tick the one you did because I will forget.

From Mr Fishy Lot