Monday, November 2, 2015

Liam Ferguson

I was learning to make a story about some one you now, love or are friends with.
Liam Ferguson By Bodie
Physical Description
Character Traits
brown eyes
brown hair
where's shorts
short sleeve t-shirts
short hair

Liam Ferguson

You really need to get to know Liam because he is a really nice person to be friends with and he is really kind too. Once you get to know him he is one of the best and greatest friend you can have. He is really fun to play with and he usually lets people play all the time.

He has brown eyes that stare at games all day. His hair is brown that is short and cool. He wears shorts because he doesn't like putting on long pants or jeans. His favorite type of top is t-shirts because he doesn’t like putting a long sleeved top on but he will still wear. His favorite footwear is sandals because he get’s really hot when he walks around.

When you get to know him he is really weird and funny when it comes to games, he is a little addicted to them. He also gets a little mysteries when it comes to playing a game outside. He is so friendly that when you first met him  he will say hi and if you are a new person at his school he will probably help you out.

He is a total gamer because he loves to play games. When people are around he sometimes asked to play a game with him on the Xbox 360 kinect. The things he games on are PSP A.K.A Playstation Portable, Ipad air 1, Ipod, Playstation, Computer and Xbox 360 kinect. Some of the games he plays are Growtopia, Minecraft, Black Ops, Terraria, Star Wars, Disney Infinity 2.0 and the first Disney Infinity.

He is one of the best people you can know at school and I am happy to be one of his best friends. Liam and I are best friends from since we have been born.

WALT choose words that give the reader a vivid picture in their head
Purpose: To Entertain
Text Type: Character Description
My Writing Goal: Use commas, questions marks and exclamation marks independently
Success Criteria:
  • Shows physical description
  • Shows character traits and actions
  • Organised into correct sentences and paragraphs - intro / physical / traits / actions / ending
  • Strong nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Uses a good simile and can use other language features effectively
  • Has an entertaining anecdote (little story that happened) about the character

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