Monday, September 7, 2015

Report on Extension maths

I was learning to read problems and look at the answers and think what one it would be.

Report on maths sheet

On the math sheet was 30 questions and 120 answers (If you are thinking that there are only supposed to be 30 answer but there were A B C D on each questions). It was really fun to do and I hope I got a good score. It did get hard on some of the questions but I got throw them all. The most funniest one was when i had to look at some cards and there were amounts they were worth. Here are what they were a mouse card was one point each, one csat card were three mouse cards, one bird card was two cat cards and one dog card was three bird cards. I started off with three mouse cards, two cat cards and one dog card.

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  1. really good math Bodie great job I remember that was hard