Monday, July 27, 2015

Holiday blog post T3 W1

In the weekend my cousins Eli and Kara from Taupo came over. We did lots of fun things I could tell them to you if I remembered them. Then my cousins left but on Saturday I went to Logan and Connors birthday party at bounce. Sameer, Khan and George was there too. George is Logan and Connors step brother. I First  went to the rock climbing wall then the race cores, big balls, castles, the big slide,  spinning top, the wall you race to the other side before getting flung back and a place were you stand on a platform and try knocking the other people off and jump to the other platforms. I also went to Gisborne and stay'd at a house that my friends lived but they weren't there because they were on a holiday for a month. we sore my baby cousins and they were really funny. Me my sister Milly and my cousins Minnie sore INSIDE OUT. Then we went home and that was what I did in the  Holiday.