Friday, May 15, 2015

Abel Tasman

Silas the Stretcher-bearer by Rachel Stedman

WALT make connections

My text to self connection
In the text it says: Silas, my grandfather was drafted into the army in 1917.
This reminds me of my birthday because my Nan was born around 1917 and her birthday is on the same day is my birthday.
My text to text connection
In the text it says: Men’s names were drawn every month, almost like numbers in a lottery.
This reminds me of lottery gets when the cold out.
My text to world connection
In the text it says: the first world war.
This reminds me of when my granddad went to world war 2.


deep ditches dug to protect soldiers from enemy fire.
no-man’s land
an area that is not occupied by either side in a battle.
compulsory service in the armed forces
part of the ship under the decks
metal cases containing explosives

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  1. Wow Bodie it looks like you had a interesting reading task and great vocb.