Friday, March 27, 2015

ICC cricket world cup 2015

The list is all of the teams participating in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. it is in the black font.

The current world ranking of each team is Written next to the country in green font.

The captain of each team is Written under the country using the red font.

1. New Zealand 4th
Brendon Mccullum

2. Australia 1st
Michael Clarke

3. Scotland 14th
Michael Clarke

4. Afghanistan 12th
Mohammad Nabi

5. England 6th
Eoin Morgan

6. India 2nd
Ms Dhoni

7. Bangladesh 9th
Mashrafe Mortaza

8. Ireland 11th
William porterfield

9. Pakistan 7th
10. South Africa 3rd
Ab De villiers

11. Sri Lanka 5th
Angelo Mathews

12. United Arab Emirates 13th
Mohammad Tauqir

13. West Indies 8th
Jason Holder

14. Zimbabwe 10th
Elton Chigumbura

Unhealthy Food

Vanilla cake

you will need

1. 2 pounds of sugar
2. a cup of baking powder
3. a cup of flour
4. 3 pounds of cake mixture
5. ½ a cup of wouter
6. a spoon
7. a whole bottle of vanilla essence
8. whipt cream
9. huge bowl
10. medium bowl

making the cake

step 1. first put the cup of baking powder, a cup of flour and ½ a cup of wouter in the medium bowl and mix it with the spoon.
step 2. put the 2 pounds sugar in the huge bowl then put all of step 1 in the huge bowl and mix it with the spoon.
step 3. put the 3 pounds of cake mixture and the bottle of vanilla essence in the big mixing bowl and mix with the spoon.
step 4. put the uvin in 20 degrees and then bake the vanilla cake
step 5. after the vanilla cake has baked for 30 minutes get the whipped cream and do your own dzine and you are done.

Plies only give it to your enemies. If they don't want it throw it in their face and run.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Puppy Ninja

puppy ninja.png
Name: Puppy ninja
Super power: Turning in to a puppy
Weapon: Light saber
Spy Equipment: Spy iPad
Pet: Dog
Ability: Call all puppy's
Karate: Black belt

Monday, March 16, 2015

my special place

My special place

When I go past I smell smoke because the house next door was burnt down.

A tiny bit of paint came of ares.
I see a lot of changes to the house.

 When I go past I get memories like my pop throwing me onto the spare bed.

Sometimes I start crying when I go past because I can’t stop thinking about the good memories.

When we left I started crying because it was too sad to leave.

do you now what my special place is....

Christchurch art

This is what me and Haris made this Christchurch art. Me and Haris made it about the ICC cricket world cup.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Swimming Sports

We did fun swimming sports because competitive swimming sports. We did lots of fun stuff like egg and spoon race. It was so much fun.

This is me swimming on the ground