Friday, July 1, 2016

Auckland Art

Auckland Art
Success Criteria:
  • Choose 2 primary colours to dye onto an A3 paper, blending the dye will create a secondary colour.
  • Plan a pattern on your art work thinking about different types of lines.
  • Optional - Add shapes to create interest.

I used the Absorption learning muscle because I was doing all of my work and didn’t ever want to stop and I didn’t get distracted as much. I am proud of my artwork because it turned out pretty good especially when I made some of the lines thicker. If I could start my artwork again I would change the design I did because it didn’t end out the way I thought it would look like.

Bodie (1).jpg

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hawksbill sea turtle

Bodie S
My Creature is a Hawksbill sea turtle.
Some things I needed to consider about my creature: they need sand to lay their eggs in and grab a breath, they need a lot of water to swim around in, they need food to eat so they don,t die and they need places to breath so they don’t die.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet: Food so it doesn't get hungry, Sand so they can lay their eggs and breath, water to swim around in, rocks so they can come out and breath in the middle of the water, designs to make it fancy and food dispenser so I don,t need to feed it all the time..
What I am pleased about: How the sand stayed in the right place when I was putting the water in and how the water turned out to look like when I painted it.
What I have found tricky: trying to put the walls in the right place so the sand doesn't get out when I put the sand in.
What I would like to improve: Putting the food dispenser at the top of my enclosure and make it out of something better.
 this is my PBL enclosure and it's made to stop the created from dieing  and escaping.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fish in Bowl

Dear Humans

This is me

P.S Don’t flush me down the toilet when you read this.

I would like to have a friend to play with in my bowl. Can you please get me a bigger tank and some toys to play with. I would like to be noticed more often and not be given the look. Can I please get feed more often than once a day cause I am starving. Can you please buy me better food because it is really disgusting eating the food I have now. I would like to have 2 girls and one more boy please because it gets really boring and lonely around here. Don’t make me the staff that you give me because I want it from the shop please.
If you did all of these tick there.
If you did some of these tick here.
If you did none of these tick here.
P.S Please tick the one you did because I will forget.

From Mr Fishy Lot

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Camp Omatua

Camp Omatua Reflection

Thinking back over the camp, what I most enjoyed was doing the car making because it was so much fun to make and I also got VIP for doing good cleaning up.
(P.S VIP means very important person)

This is me in my car.

Something funny that happened was that when me, Amy, Logan and Makayla were playing a game it was king of the hill. I pushed Amy then Logan pushed my shoulders and I fell down and I rolled over Amy and then she rolled over me than I rolled over her it was so funny.

Something I have found out about myself is I can make a box car a lot better with a hot glue gun instead of duck tape because the duck tape kept ripping off.

I really admired the way that Adelle would help my team when we got stuck in the campfire kai.

In the future, I would like to see better food choices like nachos and pork crackling because I did not really like it because I am not a fan of vegetables like cooked caret and peas with corn.

What was a challenging thing for you at camp?

Make the tee pee because the rope kept untying over and over again and Bowen got so mad he kicked a tree.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I am a Super Reader!

I was learning to read a book and do tasks about it.
I am a Super Reader!

Choose the book of your choice! Fiction or nonfiction. Put title and author below.
Title: The ghost teacher Author: Tony Bradman

Choose 4 of the following 7 tasks about your book!

Option 1:
Draw a character sketch for the main character in your book.
FullSizeRender (24).jpg

Option 2:
Create a map that shows all the important places in your book.

FullSizeRender (26).jpg
Option 3:
Create a reading comprehension quiz for your book.

Option 4:
Five favourite words - choose five interesting words from the book. Write the sentence in which each word is used and the meaning of the word

Option 5:
Visualising - draw a picture of your favourite scene in the book.
FullSizeRender (27).jpg
The Ghost teacher is showing Room 3 what is happening.
Option 6:
Advertisement - create an advertisement that persuades people to read your book.

Option 7:

Summarising - write a quick summary of your book.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Calendar Art

I was learning to make a hand and put boxes around it and then colour the hand in hot colours and the outside with cold colours.

Calendar art

FullSizeRender (23).jpg

Monday, November 2, 2015


I was learning to watch a video and put down the skills then the attitudes they were showing. I also had to write down some questions.

WALT practice athletic skills and share how to perform them.

Brainstorm words from the video and put in either column (Skills or Attitudes)
“Your attitude determines your altitude.”

Don’t give up
Complete your goal
Don’t stop believing in yourself
Keep going
High jump
Go high, reach your goal
Shot put
Looked determined
Ready to go for it
Throw far, throw hard!
Disc throw
Throw hight, throw far
Ready to grab it

Brainstorm 20 questions from watching the video. Any questions that come to mind.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Why / How / Where / What / When / Who
is / are / could / would / should / did / may / will / might / shall
How do you get over the high beam so much, what do you do?
How do you run so fast?
Where do you practice doing all the things you do?
When do you practice?
Why do you do athletics when you could do something else?
Why do you keep on trying even if you now you won't get it?
What do you do after you make it over or finish the thing you did?
What do you do to stay so fit?
Who inspired you to do athletics?
Who is your rival and why?
Where did you learn to do all of this?
When do you get all the time to train for all this?
Who do you want to live like or become?
Who inspires you and why?
When did you start doing your training?
How long have you done this for?
How did you became such a good player?
Do you think you win too much?
How many times have you won?
Do you think you are the best person at what you do?